Community Biolab gets press on local and national news!

When Shaun Briley, branch manager of our library, saw the storage room adjacent to the main lobby, he envisioned something much greater. A year later, he has turned that storage room into a high tech Biolab, similar to one you would find in an advanced high school classroom. And not only do we have the equipment, we have the volunteers to staff it! 

Armed with 3D printers, microscopes and a thermocycler, an apparatus used to amplify segments of DNA, the lab is a virtual scientific playground for anyone to use. Callen Hyland, PhD, regularly volunteers in the room and says she is amazed at the age range of people that want to use it. From the young to the young at heart, they all find interesting experiments to use with the equipment.

"This is a community that has a lot to do with biology, not just people who work in that field, but their families are interested, their neighbors, friends and other local organizations," Shaun Briley the La Jolla branch manager told NBC 7.

Click here to see the full article and video on NBC 7 and here to see the Washington Post article.

Honoring outgoing and incoming board members


 As we look to the future, we also honor three board members retiring this year after six years of service to our board: Bill Boehm, (right) who has served with wisdom, grace and humor as our board president for the past two years, Moreen Fielden, (center) well known to so many of us as one of the finest educators in San Diego, who has done so much for our community and children, has also been indispensable to our library book store and sales, and if fact will continue as chair of that committee even as she goes off of the board, and Amy Valeiras, (left) a true library advocate in every sense and who currently serves a vital role supporting our public library system as Chair of the San Diego Public Library Foundation.  Thank you Bill, Moreen and Amy for your service and committment for so many years!


At the same time, we welcome three new board memebers just commencing their six year terms: Sally Corson, (right) Cathie East (left) and Jennifer Greenfield (not pictured), all experienced, deeply committed community leaders.  Sallie Warren, (center) Incoming President, joins them in a heartfelt welcome to the Friends Board.




La Jolla/Riford Library makes Top Ten in Reasons to Love San Diego Right Now...from San Diego Magazine!

Because we have the country’s first hands-on biotech lab in a public library! We partner with local organizations as well as big names like the Salk Institute for workshops, demonstrations, and lectures. The lab also has a 3D printer! And did we mention it is all free?

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