Meet Dennis Abad, the “face” of La Jolla Riford Library


In a recent La Jolla Light article, our “Front Man”, Dennis Abad, was interviewed.  Speaking of his life and likes, the article reveals the man behind the first desk you see as you walk into the library. His story of how he became involved in libraries, meeting his wife and his pasttimes are surprising and heartwarming. Did you know he loves to dance and can cook? Click here for some excerpts.

Library receives La Jolla Community Foundation Grant!


On Thursday, Nov 3rd, the La Jolla Community Foundation hosted their 3rd annual Grants Celebration by donating to three La Jolla nonprofits. The Riford La Jolla Library was one of the recipients. Susan McClellan, grants chair, presented Shaun Briley with a check for $3,000 to procure new bronze signage that will direct patrons to resources and meeting spaces within the library. “This was a much needed enhancement for our interior,” said Briley later. “One of the most common questions the staff gets is, ‘Where is the Fiction section’? This will solve that problem!”

La Jolla Library leads the way nationwide in reigniting Teen Book Club


Another La Jolla Library first!  Shaun Briley was looking for a way to ignite the anemic Teen Book Club that he had created earlier this year. “We just couldn’t round up enough kids at the requisite time slot each month,” said Briley.  “So, I began to think about an idea that would allow kids to review books online on their own time and pace.”  The club’s great success is due in part to the fact that the kids get their hands on new unpublished books.  Another selling point is that members can select which titles they’re interested in. “Kids this age want to make their own choices and feel that what they are doing is important and it’s certainly a thrill when you get to read a book before anyone else.” Click here to see the entire article in the School Library Journal.

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