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FAMILIES: One Subject Photo Show

The La Jolla Library Art Gallery will host its third juried ONE SUBJECT PHOTO SHOW this summer and the subject will be FAMILIES. The entries will be available online and at the library. The deadline for entries is April 14th, 2017.

Our two previous juried ONE SUBJECT PHOTO shows have delighted and amazed us!  We challenged photographers to take a simple subject and create an image which represents that idea within their own personal context,  and they provided us with two very different earlier exhibitions! The first one-subject show, THE LIBRARY, was very architectural, yet personal in both place and activity.   The second one-subject show, THE CHILD, offered one of the most beautiful exhibits of children, as seen through the eyes of each photographer in the moments and places their cameras found them.

We hope to again be surprised by the variety of images that represent our subject for 2017, FAMILIES. The plural form of the word pushes the idea that we will look for the creativity and insight of each image. Families exist in broad interpretations, from a pet rabbit adopted by a cat, to a night shift group of dedicated nurses, or a neighborhood of families established over years!  There are no other image requirements or expectations, only that the word "families" is interpreted personally by each photographer.

You may  submit up to five images, in black and white or color, with image sizes no smaller than 8x10 or larger than 30x40.  All accepted photos must be framed simply in black or wood frames.  Please note hanging and weight requirements on entry form. 

Download Entry Form Here.

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