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Big Magic 
by Elizabeth Gilbert


This book takes us behind the scenes of the creative life, addressing fears, encouraging wonder, and inspiring creators of all kinds to adventure. 

~ Amy Chione,
Library Assistant III

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A Darker Shade of Magic 

by Victoria Schwab


Enjoy a light and fun adventure read filled with magic, intrigue, complex characters and battling against evil forces in parallel universes.


~ Rosemary Rico,
Library Assistant III

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The Razor’s Edge 

by Somerset Maugham


What do you do when you come back from the war, suffering from what they used to call shell-shock, returning to the adopted family that raised you even though they are the most different they could be from who you really are? And who are you, really? A wonderful, thoughtful story filled with human truths. 

~William Mallory,
Branch Manager

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Castle Shade 

by Laurie R. King

Sherlock Holmes & his wife Mary Russell team up to investigate strange happenings in and around the ancient Castle Bran at the request of Queen Marie of Roumania. Is it possible that vampires really do exist? 

~ Rhonda Jensen,
Library Aide

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Awaken the Giant Within 

by Tony Robbins

I like it because it shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, and your relationships. 

~ Shadi Sarikhani,
Library Assistant II

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by Lysley Tenorio


I was glad to have found a book beautifully written by a San Diego (Mira Mesa) native. The collection of hilarious and relatable stories reminded me of my experiences in the country where I was born and raised (Philippines) and the place where I migrated to and settled in (California).

~Dennis Abad,
Library Assistant III

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The Four Winds 

by Kristin Hannah

This is a rich, sweeping novel that my daughter recommended to me. 

~ Mina Khosrowshahi,
Library Assistant I

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Out of My Mind 

by Sharon Draper


The protagonist in this book is intelligent and funny, with so much to say. She just happens to have cerebral palsy. This book relays her frustrations and triumphs while showing how those who are differently abled are incredibly abled. 

~ Katia Graham, Youth Services Librarian 

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